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Gijs van Lith - The Browsing Chamber

25 Nov - 06 Jan 2018

TORCH gallery

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The browsing chamber

A Salon on Steroids

Steven Cox

Samuel Francois

Ina Gerken

Gijs van Lith (curator)

Pierre Obando


Super salon shuffle - yoga session: Friday the 24th of November, 2-3 pm

Opening during the Amsterdam Art Weekend: Saturday the 25th of November, 5-8pm


On Saturday the 25th of November a group exhibition curated by Gijs van Lith, entitled The Browsing Chamber, will open at TORCH gallery in Amsterdam. Five young international talents will present works in a salon-style exhibition that will cover the entire surface of the backspace of the gallery, from floor to ceiling. All participating artists make process-based abstract works which relate to painting in a systematic manner. These young artists are inspired by their largely digital surroundings and the way images are indexed on the internet. Before the festive opening, the salon will be the location for an intense yoga session, the marks of which will become part of the final presentation. This installation can be viewed as a three-dimensional interpretation of a google image search. The neatly organized grids of images provided by search engines have become a point of first contact for people interested in the work of an artist.Entering the backspace should speak of human scale and our interaction with artworks grounded in their material.

Anya Janssen - People say I'm different

Anya Janssen - People say I'm different

21 Oct - 18 Nov 2017


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Anya Janssen 

People say I'm different

Een ode aan het ongekende

21.10.2017 – 18.11.2017

Opening met performance “LOK KEDE KOM A” van Christine Ayo: zaterdag 21 Oktober tussen 17:00 en 19:00


Op zaterdag 21 oktober opent People say I'm different, een solo-tentoonstelling met nieuwe werken van Anya Janssen bij galerie TORCH in Amsterdam. De werken tonen de ontmoeting tussen Anya Janssen en Christine Ayo, een jonge kunstenares uit Oeganda. Ayo is zich bewust van haar positie als de 'ander' in de ogen van velen. Ze gebruikt dit spel met perceptie als machtsmiddel, haar uitstraling is haar eigen bezit. Janssen is gefascineerd door de visie van Ayo op de wereld en het contrast met haar eigen positie als mens, kunstenaar en Europeaan. Ze zoekt naar een gelijkwaardig contact en beseft

zich gaandeweg: als je een verbintenis met iemand aangaat, wordt hij of zij onderdeel van je wezen. Je bent minder autonoom dan je denkt. Er ontstaat een poreuze identiteit waar het statische 'ik' plaats maakt voor een fluïde ‚wij'.

Philip Akkerman - Paintings

Philip Akkerman - Paintings

09 Sep - 14 Oct 2017

TORCH gallery / Oedipus Taproom

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On Saturday the 9th of September TORCH will start a new season of art with Paintings, an exhibition of new work by Dutch painter Philip Akkerman. For Paintings, Akkerman has collaborated with the well known graphic designer Dennis Koot, who has designed a series of 'Frames' based on Philip's most recent works. These frames deconstruct and unhinge Philips paintings on panel until they become wild, vector-based installation pieces. The Friday before the opening of Paintings will mark the launch of Château Akkerman, a special bock-style beer brewed by the Amsterdam based brewery Oedipus in collaboration with the artist. The festive launch will take place from 5pm on the 8th of September at the Oedipus Taproom and will include a tasting, an artist talk andmusic by DJ Akkerman.

Various Artists - Grayscale

12 Aug - 02 Sep 2017

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Grayscale, a group exhibition featuring three contemporary photographers working in black and white, will open on Saturday the 12th of August between 5 and 7 pm at TORCH gallery in Amsterdam. Although the methods of arriving at an image differ wildly for each of the three participating artists, they all blend classic sensibilities with a contemporary temperament. They take idyllic themes like still lives, pastoral family bliss and the wondrous nature of the Indonesian islands and give them an intelligent twist using photographic techniques, unexpected vantage points and their personal engagement with the subject matter.

Various Artists - Excellence on Repeat

08 Jul - 05 Aug 2017


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In its 33 years of existence, TORCH has collected and helped produce a very broad variety of editions and multiples. This includes works by renowned, emerging and obscure artists from the Netherlands and abroad. This summer the gallery will make a selection from the archives, ranging from early works by Jan Worst and A.R. Penck to very recent works by Thijs Zweers and TINKEBELL.

Opening Saturday the 8th of July from 5-7pm