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Gijs van Lith - The Browsing Chamber

25 Nov - 06 Jan 2018

TORCH gallery

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The browsing chamber

A Salon on Steroids

Steven Cox

Samuel Francois

Ina Gerken

Gijs van Lith (curator)

Pierre Obando


Super salon shuffle - yoga session: Friday the 24th of November, 2-3 pm

Opening during the Amsterdam Art Weekend: Saturday the 25th of November, 5-8pm


On Saturday the 25th of November a group exhibition curated by Gijs van Lith, entitled The Browsing Chamber, will open at TORCH gallery in Amsterdam. Five young international talents will present works in a salon-style exhibition that will cover the entire surface of the backspace of the gallery, from floor to ceiling. All participating artists make process-based abstract works which relate to painting in a systematic manner. These young artists are inspired by their largely digital surroundings and the way images are indexed on the internet. Before the festive opening, the salon will be the location for an intense yoga session, the marks of which will become part of the final presentation. This installation can be viewed as a three-dimensional interpretation of a google image search. The neatly organized grids of images provided by search engines have become a point of first contact for people interested in the work of an artist.Entering the backspace should speak of human scale and our interaction with artworks grounded in their material.