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Eldon Garnet - The Garden of Hell on Earth

Eldon Garnet - The Garden of Hell on Earth

27 May - 01 Jul 2017

TORCH gallery

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On Saturday the 27th of May between 5-7 pm The Garden of Hell on Earth, a solo-exhibition by Canadian artist Eldon Garnet will open at TORCH gallery in Amsterdam. With a series of large-scale photographs depicting a post-apocalyptic narrative of struggle and lasting hope of biblical proportions he sets the tone for the final chapters of his long and fruitful career as an artist. These labor-intensive and highly ambitious pieces form a new lexicon for recovery as a fundamental human trait. After all the processes deemed as progress come to a grinding halt, when the modern age has had its grand finale and there is nothing left but soot and stone, then humans will inevitably start rebuilding their world.