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- Min Kim

Born 1975, Seoul, Korea


Min Kim's collages tend to evoke many feelings at the same time. While they seamlessly combine an almost naïve poetic narrative with impeccable skill and adult morals, they offer us a visual language founded both in Korea and America. Kim's manga-like figures seem to excist in a world where flora and fauna blend together with the earth and the sky, constantly evolving into each others forms. She combines the emotive strenghts of asian comics with the heritage of the psychedelic surealism of the seventies.


The story of western contemporary art is only of use to her in the most superflous way, she certainly doesn't dwell on the past. Instead she looks for visual traditions in different cultures and tries to express their essence in her work. This cultural potpouri is translated to her own language of form and technique, wich may be as diverse as her inspiration.  We can view the end result as a whole of vibrant color, skilled papercraft and a sense of honest innocence. The stylized figures in her works are often drawn in grey, in contrast with their surroundings. Still, the stories she tries to tell are about blending, about the changing of form and about always becoming. These seemingly contradicting choices symbolize the feeling of being both the same and the other. A feeling all too common in todays multicultural civilisation.


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Churning rhythm of what's outside of me  
Enlarge Churning rhythm of what's outside of me More info about Min Kim  

Churning rhythm of what's outside of me


linolium cut, graphite, acrylic, gouache, paper

190 x 215 cm

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Churning rhythm of what's outside of me