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- Carlos & Jason Sanchez

The Sanchez brother excell at making the most horrible premises seem stylish and cinematic. Their large-scale photographs stem from our deepest fears and darkest thoughts but, like Hitchcock movies, they are very hard to look away from. After careful staging and designing their photos take months of processing before being finished. Every detail in the picture should lead to the intended emotion. Every detail should further the frightening narrative unravelling in our heads. Their highly suggestive scenes are to be disected layer by layer to discover a gutwrenching truth. A truth that can be different for anyone who sees the picture. By careful planning the Sanchez brothers are able to tell a multitude of stories in a single frame.

Although they are instantly recognizable through the use of well known visual compositions, the photos remain partly anonymous and mysterious. Their exact signification remains in the fantasy of the onlooker. This process of recognition, realization and emotion is achieved with subjects ranging from Christian iconography to beauty pageants. They all show the ways people can be detached from society, reality or even life. And while doing so confront us with our morbid curiousity for the grimmer aspects of life.

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Inkjet Print

152 x 177 cm

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