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- David Drebin

Born 1970, Canada

David Drebins photographs seem be to snapshots of a cinematic version of ordinary life. Grand in composition and colour, the settings almost conceal what is hidden in the psychology of his subjects. By carefully chosing his stages Drebin is able to show an intense atmosphere that remains mysterious about its intents. He likes images with many layers that show both a narrative and a feeling. A luxurious but strangely abandoned pool forms the backdrop for the worries of a beautiful woman.

With a backround in advertising and a natural interest in psychology drebin tries to combine the glamourous with the intimate. This combination allows him to make the happenings of everyday life look as emotional as they probably feel for the subjects. He tries to find some kind of truth in the scenes that he photographs. Not an universal scheme of things, but a truth about the functioning of his own imagination. Through the lens of the camera he to tries to capture something of his understanding of human beings.

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Hollyweird 2  
Enlarge Hollyweird 2 More info about David Drebin  

Hollyweird 2


Color "C"-print mounted on aluminium

48 x 59 cm

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Hollyweird 2





Trisha by pool