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Exhibition -

David Kramer - ...Next Year in Los Angeles

David Kramer - ...Next Year in Los Angeles

Exhibition overview:

14 Apr - 19 May 2012

TORCH gallery

David Kramer was born on a small island of the coast of America, where he continues to live and work. From this perch Kramer has a front row seat to view the rest of the country. As experienced by most New Yorkers, America is the part that you have to pass over while flying to the only other city of consequence on the continent, Los Angeles. Los Angeles; the destination city, city of dreams. The place where the sun sets on the American Dream on a daily basis.



Here, in his first show at TORCH Gallery ...Next Year in Los Angeles. , Kramer uses the language of the Jewish diaspora, which in many ways is a position that tempers his work. A constant outsider in a land that he was born into. Full of dreams and hopes for a life that is always on the horizon. Kramer makes art about everything that seems to be unachievable to him, about lives that may not even exist in the first place but remain very desirable.


Culling 1970's life-style magazines (the things that had informed him as to what to expect out of adult life while a child during that era) Kramer uses the images and advertisements as a launching place to his paintings, drawings and sculptural installations. A juxtaposition of lusty and vibrant colors against a satirical and undermining text message. Kramer's work often conveys his own desires, dreams and hopes even as these seem to be drifting further out of his reach. Partly because of his wholly unrealistic expectations and partly because of an America that has been left staggering by it's own mistakes, misfortunes and economic downturns of late.


David Kramer was born in New York City where he currently lives with his wife Susan Mitchell, and their son Martin. He has exhibited widely around North America and Europe. Recent one-person shows include, ...This Is What It's Like. Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris, 2012, Age Old Story, Freight And Volume Gallery, New York, 2012, American Exports, EESI Cite Gallery, Angouleme, France, 2012, The Hangover... Too., Mulherin+Pollard Gallery, New York 2011 Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels (If you really Want Me To Go Away, Just Give Me What I Want...) 2010, and with Galerie Laurent Godin , Paris (...Because I Am Not Richard Prince) 2010. He is currently a Special Editions resident at the Lower Eastside Print Shop in NYC. His work is in the permanent collection of Musee National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pomidou.