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Exhibition -

Various Artists - 30 years of TORCH

Various Artists - 30 years of TORCH

Exhibition overview:

06 Sep - 11 Oct 2014

TORCH gallery

TORCH gallery Amsterdam is celebrating its 30th anniversary! On Saturday the 6th of September a grand salon will be opened. This Salon will include pieces that highlight the impressive past and promising future of a gallery that breaks borders. Big names will be presented alongside upcoming young talents and forgotten masters in an exhibition where the artists make the decisions. TORCH has asked everyone they ever worked with to either create a new piece or to send in an older one. What will arrive at the gallery will remain a surprise until the day before the opening. After the festivities, the salon will be open to the public until Saturday the 11th of October.

TORCH was founded in 1984 as a platform for photography. Since then it has developed into one of the defining galleries dedicated to contemporary art in the Netherlands. The gallery started in a small space on the Prinsengracht before moving to the picturesque Lauriergracht where it has been based for the last 25 years. The founder, Adriaan van der Have, started out as framer but quickly became a driven - and infamous -- patron for the arts. Adriaan took chances and, in doing so, broke new ground. He was among the first to see the potential of photography as high art. Both fashion photography (Inez van Lamsweerde, Blommers & Schumm) and staged photography (David LaChapelle, Henze Boekhout) were vehemently promoted at an early stage by TORCH . Now that the medium has matured the gallery focuses on introducing internationally renowned photographers to the Netherlands, resulting in collaborations with Edward Burtynsky and more recently Nadav Kander.


TORCH likes to step out of bounds. The gallery prides itself in presenting work that balances on the brink of being art. Themes have ranged from gardening to fake perfumes by Viktor & Rolf. From sexual education by Annie Sprinkle to the first generation of Dutch Vjs such as Gerald van der Kaap and Micha Klein. Controversy is also a recurring theme: Paul McCarthy and the Chapman Brothers have had early exhibitions at TORCH, as have Wim Delvoye and TINKEBELL. Contrasting with these shock waves are artists that create work with a more introverted aesthetic, such as Loretta Lux and Eelco Brand. In short, the gallery has a unique program and likes to flirt with ideas of kitsch and camp in an attempt to question the definition of good taste.

A quick glance at the exhibition history of TORCH shows a long list of national and international celebrities, ranging from Teun Hocks and Philip Akkerman to Takashi Murakami and Leni Riefenstahl. Under the inspired leadership of Adriaan van der Have (19th of January 1985 - 3d of April 2009) the gallery has grown to be an influential player in the international contemporary art scene. Now his son, Mo van der Have, continues the legacy. Mo's selection of young talent and fresh vision on the art business has allowed TORCH to live on after the passing of its founder, a feat that is quite rare in the art gallery world. So it is fitting that this salon should not be seen as a nostalgic celebration of the past, but rather as a report from a gallery that is constantly evolving. The salon will include pieces by: Philip Akkerman, Teun Hocks, Loretta Lux, Wouter DeRuyter, TINKEBELL, Susan Anderson, Martin C. de Waal, Alfredo Jaar, the Chapman Brothers, Gary Carsley, The Starn twins, Carlos & Jason Sanchez, Wim Delvoye, Amanda Lear, Ellen Kooi, Micha Klein, Gerald van der Kaap, Popel Coumou, Henk Tas, Eelco Brand, Carolus, Anya Janssen, Twan Janssen, Nicolai, Cor Dera, Leni Riefenstahl, Terry Rodgers, Margi Geerlinks, Rowena Dring and many others.


Vernissage/Finnisage: Friday the 26th of September, including a live performance by Martin Duvall.

This event is part of the Amsterdam Pop-Up week.

The exhibiton runs from 6/09/2014 until 11/10/2014


Opening and other events are sponsored by Vedett Beers.