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Exhibition -

Various Artists - Bucolic Turmoil

Various Artists - Bucolic Turmoil

Exhibition overview:

Various Artists - Bucolic Turmoil Various Artists - Bucolic Turmoil Various Artists - Bucolic Turmoil

01 Mar - 12 Apr 2014

TORCH gallery

On Saturday the first of March TORCH will proudly open Bucolic Turmoil, a group exhibition focused on our understanding of nature. The exhibition will feature works by a very diverse selection of artists, including: Eelco BrandMichel BoekhoudtMaarten HoogendijkTINKEBELL., Aline Eras, Anya JanssenStepanek & MaslinMartin C. de WaalScarlett Hooft GraaflandRowena DringMartijn Schuppers and Dae Soo KimAfter the opening the exhibition will be on view until Saturday the 12th of April.

This exhibition will have its opening on the first day of Spring. This is measured by the meteorological notion of the seasons, astronomically it will still be winter. These futile attempts to frame the passing of time seem to stand testament for our relationship with the natural world. Many attempts are made to transform it into something manageable, from abstracted segments of time to constructed landscapes. But at the same time the uncontrollable character of nature is romanticized and has always been interpreted as symbolical for our existence. Even in identities that are very extensively urbanized and digitized, forces of nature remain the mirror by which we define ourselves. Think of something as simple as a Cat Meme, or in the case of this exhibition, the humanized forests by Dae Soo Kim.

Bucolic Turmoil offers a playful overview of our interactions with nature. Ranging from the ethically challenging and often confrontational work by TINKEBELL to quiet, introverted pencil drawings by Aline Eras. The exhibition will cover a plethora of media, including photography, digital animation, painting and installation work. Live snails are presented side by side with abstract photographs of man-made forests, both suggesting a narrative of domestication. A digital piece by Eelco Brand is translated into physical form and a piece by Martijn Schuppers transforms photography from a documenting into a emotive medium.

This group exhibition springs from the fascination with representations of nature that drives TORCH gallery. The artistic image of nature seems to be both founded in history and perpetually relevant. Be it as a documents of worlds soon to be lost or as rich metaphors for psychological struggles, the natural subject is one of the few recurring themes in TORCH's program. The subject offers a platform that allows intuitive curating and thus enables surprising contrast between works by artists not often exhibited together.

Works by Scarlett Hooft Graafland and Martijn Schuppers courtesy gallery Vous Etes Ici in Amsterdam. Work by Aline Eras Courtesy Plaatsmaken Gallery in Arnhem.

The opening of this exhibition will kindly be sponsored by VOSS water.

Press Image: TINKEBELL. Save The Snails, 2013, live Snails, mixed Media

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