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Exhibition -

Abel Minnée - LIGHT, TIME, POSITIONING, POSTCARD - Abel Minnée & Tom Lore de Jong

Abel Minnée - LIGHT, TIME, POSITIONING, POSTCARD - Abel Minnée & Tom Lore de Jong

Exhibition overview:

05 Sep - 10 Oct 2015

TORCH gallery

On Saturday the 5 th of September TORCH gallery opens with LIGHT, TIME, POSITIONING, POSTCARD; a duoexhibition by the young, promising artists Abel Minnée and Tom Lore de Jong. This exhibition will coincide with the fourth edition of UNSEEN, the international fair for photography in Amsterdam. Abel Minnée has been selected through the Foam Magazine Talent Call to show his work at this art fair. Both artists approach visual concepts from the factual and technical properties of the chosen medium and material. In these works subject and carrier are very closely connected, hardly allowing for any explanation or external narrative.


The images and installations resulting from this method are provocative in their literalness. These analytical pieces seem to be searching for visual definitions, for either the reduction or hyperbolic exaggeration of illusions. Both Abel and Tom expertly employ the change of visual information that occurs when attempting to capture an object or concept. Every methodical consideration is made explicit within the pieces themselves, making their decisions key to the understanding of the concepts. Perception becomes rendition and observations are posited as cautious considerations. Poetical and highly personal subject matter is presented as the dry sum of factual information. These seem to be honest images, hesitant to offer any suggested meaning and allowing for the spectator's projections to provide their substance.

Contrary to the conceptual photography of the sixties and seventies - exemplified by Bernd and Hilla Becher - these young artists are not out to unveil the impersonal, underlying systems of the world. In stead of looking for the truth behind the spectacle they are focused on making clear decisions and orderly selections. Abel Minnée uses techniques and styles found in marketing and stock-photography but removes all commercial motivations. His refined photographs generate expectations of perfection which stubbornly remain unfulfilled. Colour balance, sharpness and composition represent an almost clinical void of meaning but carry just enough of a concept to remain interesting. Tom Lore de Jong uses minimal material for conceptual expressions of grand eloquence. The trajectory of a single fly in a swarm or the combined hue of all human skin don't offer any usable overview or insight but rather emphasize the aesthetic and poetical value of reduced information.

Abel Minée (1988) received his bachelors degree from the photography department of the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam in 2013. In the same year he finished an internship at the renowned Dutch photographer Paul Kooiker. He continued his education at the Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. His works often travels in the grey area between commercial and autonomous photography, netting him clients such as Nike, Converse, Delta Lloyd, DUWO, Ray-ban, Tommy Hilfiger and Hout Couture. For further information please visit:

Tom Lore de Jong (1988) also received his degree from the Rietveld Academy in 2013. Since then he has exhibited at several venues, including the Manifesta head office and P///////AKT. Both artists take part in the activities of Galerie De Schans, an artist-run initiative based in Amsterdam. For further information please