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Eddy Posthuma de Boer - Eddy's World / De Wereld van Eddy

25 Jan - 07 Mar 2020

TORCH gallery

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For more than 50 years, this photographer has travelled the world, visiting over 80 countries to capture human life. His photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines such as Het Parool, De Volkskrant, Time-Life, Sphere, Avenue and Holland Herald, alongside numerous photo books compiled by himself. 


As a contemporary of Ed van der Elsken and Johan van der Keuken, Eddy can be seen as one of the most important living representatives of humanist photography in the Netherlands. In the gallery, a selection of vintage prints will be shown, most of them never exhibited to the public before, combined with a recent series of landscapes. 


Characteristic in the work of Posthuma de Boer is a frontal composition, often portraying his subjects in full length. The background functions as a context in which the subject can be identified, often moulding into the location. Eddy uses natural light very cleverly, generally the only kind of light that is available at the time of taking the photo. With the three components of composition, background and natural light, Eddy is able to expose his subjects in a direct manner, typified, for instance, by his photograph of a hoard of cyclists waiting to cross the street. 


Selecting work for this exhibition was like a treasure hunt as Eddy’s studio is crammed with hundreds of folders containing film and magazines. According to the photographer, he can't throw anything away. 'You never know when you will need it,'  he says. 


Because Posthuma de Boer has rarely held commercial exhibitions, he did not sell many of the occasional prints he made. For this exhibition, we selected some original prints and made editions of only three, apart from the vintage one. Running concurrently with this exhibition, some of his other vintage prints will be on view at Fotomuseum Den Haag.


Eddy Posthuma de Boer (1931, Amsterdam) worked after his graduation at the Fotovakschool as freelancer for numerous national and international newspapers and magazines. He was awarded the LOF-prijs (1972) and the Kees Scherer Prijs (1997). Recent exhibitions have been held in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam and Huis Marseille, Amsterdam. To date, 27 photo books have been published of his work.

Terry Rodgers - Sweet Illusion

16 Nov - 18 Jan 2020

TORCH gallery

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We are pleased to announce ‘Sweet Illusion', a new solo exhibition by the American figurative artist Terry Rodgers at TORCH gallery. Opening on 16 November, this show features some of Rodgers’ most recent works. In his instantly recognizable cinematic paintings, beauty, sexuality and luxury portray a world with illusory promises. His complex large-scale compositions are an examination of our contemporary world. In this exhibition, Rodgers also takes a more intimate view of this world. Stepping closer to his large-scale complex paintings with multiple figures, these works zoom-in on one or two individuals. 


This show will be part of Amsterdam Art Weekend,  21 – 24 November. On Saturday 23 November 14:00 – 15:30, the new book 'Sweet Illusion' will be presented along with a conversation with the artist.


Most of Rodgers’ compositions are based on photographic collages in which the artist builds a confection from our collective imagination. These elements are then painted on linen creating a two-dimensional world which the viewer is invited to explore – perhaps the conflicting notions of isolation and desire.


The characters in Rodgers’ paintings are surrounded by all the signs of a perfect life – luxury homes, abundant jewelry, precious fabrics, attractive bodies – but the question of satisfaction looms eerily. The promise suggested by the life depicted in these paintings is perhaps but an illusion.

Various Artists - Influencing the Influencers

26 Oct - 09 Nov 2019

TORCH gallery

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The impact of social media on the art world is undeniable. A single post from an online influencer dictates to the Instagram generation which art should be seen and subsequently shared. Museums have begun to harness social media’s power, with selfie-friendly layouts, more interactive art and immersive installations. New types of museums have opened that focus almost exclusively on photo ops, enabling likes and shareability. It is now time for galleries to follow suit.


For this group exhibition, ten emerging artists were asked to produce artwork that perfectly fits today’s social media expectations without compromising their work method. Taking pictures is encouraged, everything is Instagrammable and there will be 'selfie-spots' on the floor to help visitors capture work from the best angle. It's a virtual feed in physical form.


The exhibition will have an opening event on the 26th of October. In keeping with the subject matter, the gallery will be transformed into a fully immersive space, with a live performance (Vera Goetzee), and interactive art (Erik de Bree). Visitors will be welcomed on a pink carpet, have their photo taken in front of a photo wall, and offered Oedipus beer while a DJ spins records.

Erik de Bree - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

07 Sep - 19 Oct 2019

TORCH gallery

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This solo exhibition will be the season's opening and the first collaboration between artist Erik de Bree and TORCH gallery. During the summer, De Bree worked hard on new works, continuing his signature series 'Wallpaper paintings'. After gluing layers of different wallpapers on panel, he starts to tear off scraps, resulting in a composition that is subject to chance. Just like the word 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' in the song from the musical film Mary Poppins, the works are a combination of  independent segments, glued together to flow into this feeling of giddiness and joy. 

Raul Marroquin - Raul Marroquin's Most Dreaded Canto's of Inferno

06 Jul - 27 Jul 2019

TORCH gallery

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We proudly present 'Raul Marroquin's Most Dreaded Cantos from Dante's Inferno', a solo exhibition at TORCH gallery. Based on the famous first part of one of the world's greatest works of Western literature, Marroquin created works made of different media, from video to drawings to readymades to his self named 'composites'. Acknowledged worldwide for his video art, the Colombian born artist had ideas for these works since 1966, and continued working on these over the last fifteen years. Being one of the leading artists of the Fluxus and conceptual art movement in The Netherlands during the sixties and seventies, this involvement is unmistakable to this day. The exhibition shows how Marroquin still knows how to tell a convincing story with the most subtle artistic means.