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Exhibition -

Thijs Zweers - My Reprocess

Thijs Zweers - My Reprocess

Exhibition overview:

25 May - 06 Jul 2013

TORCH gallery

Thijs Zweers at TORCH gallery Amsterdam

Exhibition dates: 25/05/2013 - 06/07/2013


On Saturday the 25th of May two separate solo-exhibitions will open at TORCH gallery Amsterdam; Wonder by Merel van Beukering and My Reprocess by Thijs Zweers. These two young Dutch talents will present a selection of their recent works. Zweers creates very detailed graphite drawings which play a role in his ongoing research into the structuring of information on the internet. Van Beukering has developed a very distinct style of capturing the textures and alienating qualities of everyday objects and situations. After the festive opening these exhibitions will be open for visitors until Saturday the 6th of July.



Thijs Zweers (1986) - My Reprocess

After graduating from the Artez Art Academy in Arnhem Thijs Zweer has been steadily building a very consistent oeuvre. He researches the position we assume in relation to the unstoppable, confusing circulation of images on the internet. Like a biologist he takes samples from this new, man-made biotope. From these samples he makes intriguing graphite drawings. The fleeting image is given a more permanent state and by doing so Zweers is able to transport it into the tangible world. His contemplative drawings show the absolutely manic way in which the internet absorbs information. Every bit is essentially equal and can be approached from a limitless array of perspectives. The continuous stream of information that makes up the internet is dependent on many viewers and contributors but flows on without anyone having any actual control over its course.


This concept has resulted in a body of work in which Zweers' hand seems to tame the chaos to steadily describe it. Separate images flow together and combine into a impossible but coherent composition. His works represents the 'image' itself, not what is represented by that image. The technique he prefers (graphite on paper) contributes to this false feeling of unity. My Reprocess is concerned with the process-based origins of his drawings and with the remote, contemplative attitude with which Zweers approaches his subject matter. But the eye of any spectator will first and foremost be caught by the love of drawing these pieces display. This phenomena seems to symbolize a generation that has grown up online. They seem to prefer a certain ambiguousness when viewing existing imagery but are all the more interested in images that they produce and distribute on their own.