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Exhibition -

Various Artists - New Visions On Photography

Various Artists - New Visions On Photography

Exhibition overview:

Various Artists - New Visions On Photography Various Artists - New Visions On Photography Various Artists - New Visions On Photography

26 Oct - 23 Nov 2013

TORCH gallery

Including work by: Abel Minnee, Annegien van Doorn, Otto Kaan, Ola Lanko, Adrian Woods

On Saturday the 26th of October TORCH gallery Amsterdam proudly opens with a group exhibition of young, ambitious photographers. Both Abel Minnee and Mo van der Have (director of TORCH gallery) searched for examples of intriguing, innovative photography. The resulting selection includes images which range from the narrative to the reflexive and from the conceptual to the figurative. Still, there seems to be a common atmosphere between all of them. During the opening the artists will be present to sign their various catalogues. After the opening the exhibition will be on view until Saturday the 23d of November. 


Abel Minnee ( 1986, Rietveld Academie Amsterdam): | Annegien van doorn (1982, Universidadde Barcelona): | Otto Kaan (Berend Otto (1985, Rietveld Academie Amsterdam) en Guus Kaandorp (1986, KABK Den Haag)) | Ola Lanko (1985, Rietveld Academie Amsterdam): | Adrian Woods 198X (KABK Den Haag): 

TORCH was founded in 1984 as a gallery for contemporary photography, and has since kept the medium as a main focus. In recent years this focus has proven to be hard to maintain. Photographyis developing at an amazing speed, both artistically and technically.Where considerable skill was needed to produce a good photograph just a couple of decades ago, now we can click and print within a moment and without a second thought. This is if printing even comes into the equation, most photographs now lead a strictly digital life; from the camera straight to social media. This increase in the scale and span of the medium has however lead to a devaluation of its artistic relevance. Cliches are created and presented in rapid succession and spectacular appearances are easily achieved through accessible technology. This combination of factors made sure thatphotography became a medium with near unrivaled attention, but it also seems to have diminished the attention for work that is truly different. TORCH prides itself in presenting an alternative to themainstream, so we started searching. 

New Visions On Photography tries to break free from the mold. The participating photographers all have a very distinctive artistic signature and present the spectator with very unusual images. They often use a scientific, contemplative perspective from which they try to understand their subjects. It is a playful research in which human acts are approached as abstract operations in a world of objects. The focus lies on static structures and clinically photographed organisms. Another common factor is the idea of a constructed reality; all of the artists alter tangible things to create their images. The resulting image may seem distant at first sight but becomes human because somethingjust seems off. Whether in style, perspective or production; there are small discrepancies which pull these images from the world of mechanical reproduction. 


Image: Abel Minnee, Half Lit Green Screen Studio, Formaat: 70x100 cm Epson inkjet print, edition of 5