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Exhibition -

Teun Hocks - New Work

Teun Hocks - New Work

Exhibition overview:

24 Oct - 02 Jan 2016

TORCH gallery

Opening at TORCH: Saturday the 24th of October 5-7pm
Opening at CODA: 1 November
Opening at HEDEN The Hague: 13 November

A new publication and limited edition will be available during the exhibition.
Amsterdam Art Weekend: 26-29 November 2015
Book Signing by Teun Hocks: 28 November

On Saturday the 24th of October TORCH gallery Amsterdam will open with New Work, a solo-exhibition by Teun Hocks. After building a studio in France the artist has now finished a new series of work. Following the opening in Amsterdam, Museum CODA in Apeldoorn will present another solo featuring a broad selection of his older work, starting from November 1 st. On the 13 th of November HEDEN, an art space in The Hague will open with an exhibition focused on Teun's work on paper. A new publication and edition will be made available during all these exhibition. In addition to all these events Teun will be present during the upcoming edition of the Amsterdam Art Weekend (November 26-29) for a book signing session. After being out of the limelight for quite some time these three concurrent exhibitions should mark a convincing comeback.

Teun Hocks is one of the founders and iconic artists of staged photography in the Netherlands. Although he started out as a performance- and video-artist he quickly found footing as part of a group of photographers who tried to reinvent their medium in a theatrical way during the eighties. Ever since Hocks has been making works that exist somewhere between photography and painting and between performance and selfportraiture. In his studio he constructs a stage with a painted backdrop. He then poses himself on this stage and takes a black and white photograph of the scene using an old camera with a timer. The resulting silver gelatin print is hand-colored by the artist using oil paint. This peculiar technique gives his work an oddly timeless quality, atypical for photographs of performances.

Hocks himself usually features as the main actor in his work, although there do exist a few rare pieces where the artist is nowhere to be found. Still, the subject matter is never of a personal nature. His works are concerned with a concept of the everyman. In his works Hocks portrays a rather sheepish, unremarkable guy. This 'everyman' bears the attributes of powerless citizenship; a drab gray suit, a beaten suitcase and a hat which seems to be permanently adrift. This character ends up facing very improbable dilemmas in a world that can best be described as a dreamed version of Dutch village life. He perseveres through these tests with a compassionate but weary smile on his face, implicitly telling stories of global problems on a human scale. Through his character Hocks also refers to the remarkable foundations of art itself; the structure of illusions and assumptions which are needed to understand the history of western art history.

Teun Hocks (1947) lives and works in France. His work is represented by TORCH gallery in Amsterdam, Fahey Klein in Los Angeles, Patricia Dorfmann in Paris and Paci Contemporary in Italy. His work is exhibited worldwide and is part of a large number of institutional and private collections. New Work will be his tenth solo-exhibition at TORCH. Besides the new publication and edition older catalogues will also be available at the gallery.