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Exhibition -

Various Artists - Personal Codes of Conduct

Various Artists - Personal Codes of Conduct

Exhibition overview:

05 Jul - 09 Aug 2014

TORCH gallery

Including works by Suzan Kolen, Nikki Koole and Pinar & Viola

Curated by Emiel van der Pol



Personal Codes of Conduct is an exhibition about the unpaved back roads connected to the digital highway. Not only do people increasingly allow for their personal lives to be digitized, these personal lives are also steadily infiltrating the digital world. What started out as a domain for code, abstraction and raw functionality has become a biotope of selfies, games and social networks. The internet functions as a catalyst for the formation of subcultures and fetishes. The artists participating in this exhibition experience their digital existences as a worn out sweater; intimate, personal and slightly awkward. The pieces exist on the overlap between technology and morality. They investigate what exactly is happening once the webcam is turned on and the world starts spectating.


Especially in the experience of younger generations - born and raised with the internet in their back pockets - a cross-fertilization takes place between their chosen on- and offline identities. The intimate aspects of code and the moral implications of data are researched in a group exhibition featuring works by Suzan kolen, Nikki Koole and the duo Pinar & Viola. Personal Codes of Conduct opens on Saturday the 5th of July between 5-7pm, and will be on view for the public until Saturday the 9th of August.


Suzan Kolen (1987) is concerned with the often invisible coded languages which facilitate our social interactions on the web. Her work is highly personal and questions what it means to have a female identity on the internet. Like Tracy Emin on Tinder we are offered intimate fragments of the artist's life. The fragments find their form as pieces of embroidery made on a monumental scale. She is able to surpass the menial nature of the medium and elevates it to a grand gesture. In every piece there is an inherent contrast between emotion and mania and between connect and disconnect. The pleasing qualities of classic manual craft clash with the functional nature of code which loses practically all of this functionality within this context.

Nikki Koole (1980) creates his pieces as an anthropological programmer. Using coding languages he reduces humanity to basal, repetitive structures. Without a distinct moral judgment he describes the human condition as a predictable, humorous whole. His software-works procedurally generate humanity on a small scale, like digital ant farms in which any variation is always a part of a larger controlling system. For this exhibition he has investigated the statistics of violence and tattoos. His work has been exhibited during several art festivals and technical manifestations such as Elektrohype in Ystad, Sweden and 'Grenswerk' in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


Pinar & Viola are a conceptually orientated duo of designers, working and living in Paris. They create visual narratives in a style that is unmistakably affiliated with the internet and inspired by the anti-hierarchical fountain of images the web continuously spews up. These chaotic pastiches of high brow and low brow culture have caught the eye of some illustrious clients, ranging from Bloomberg Business and Nike to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Dazed and Confused. In their autonomous work they show a strong political engagement and a focus on the role of the internet in processes of globalization, sexuality and fashion. During Personal Codes of Conduct they will present the project I'll Make You Feel Real, a series of overlays for a webcamsite. These hysterical backdrops make their subjects completely dissolve in digital madness. Using this site they invited a group of 'Human Barbie Dolls' - A subculture dedicated to a doll-like appearance through make-up and even surgery - to take place behind a webcam. The resulting photographs are perfect amalgamations of digital and analogue identities.

Press image: Pinar & Viola, I'll Make You Feel Real (Ocean), 2013, Inkjet print on liquid gloss, 85 x 85 cm, edition 3

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