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Exhibition -

Eldon Garnet - Proudly Insincere

Eldon Garnet - Proudly Insincere

Exhibition overview:

29 Oct - 24 Dec 2011

TORCH gallery

TORCH Gallery Amsterdam is proud to present Proudly Insincere, a solo-exhibition by Canadian artist Eldon Garnet. The festive opening will take place at Lauriergracht 94 in Amsterdam on Saturday the 29th of October between 5-7pm. After this event the works will be on show until Saturday the 24th of December. The artist will be present at the opening.

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Eldon Garnet's new textual works in waterjet-cut stainless steel will be presented in four different series: 11:11; Money Dreams; Critique of Judgement; and Like So Many of My Generation. Each of these series has its own starting point, ranging from the baby-boomer generation to the writings of Immanuel Kant. What they share is Garnet's interest in literary presumptions and poetic incompleteness. He makes use of platitudes, his own writing, pre-existing texts and random blurbs which he appropriates for artistic use. The resulting steel works show a critical but humorous take on the underlying existential worries of everyday live. By ironically poking fun at the insightful but complex writings of Kant while simultaneously elevating mundane daytime television clutter to conceptual poetics he creates a captivating comment on the human condition and on contemporary art itself.



Eldon Garnet's 11:11 is a series comprising 22 texts quoted directly from broadcast television news. Each text is taken from television news during one minute beginning at 11:11 a.m. or 11:11 p.m. each day. Each text work represents one 'sound bite' appropriated during this one minute of daily news. Garnet's imposition of a specific time and date of quotation constructs a structuralist ordering and reading of media. The resulting texts at once encapsulate, condense and offer a critical reading of media and the language of news. In Garnet's text the news often appears melodramatic and repetitive. We do not need to ask which day these texts are taken from, they appear to be and become generalized, everyday, archetype expressions of our daily media.


Money Dreams

Eldon Garnet's Money Dreams has been described by Toronto art critic Gary Michael Dault, as an "acerbic and funny rumination about the tortured and often dispiriting relationships that exist between art and desire, art and meaning, art and money."

Money Dreams is a series of statements about the current state of the economics of the art world. Garnet re-appropriates text from the writings and musing of celebrated and historical writings in politics, economics and Hollywood from such diverse figures as Karl Marx, Aristotle Onassis and Marilyn Monroe. He presents these texts as faux-aphorisms, editing the originals with cross-outs and rewrites and fabricates them in waterjet-cut stainless steel. Garnet's texts poignantly give a critical interpretation on the effects of capitalism on art. Often hung high above to create a distance between the viewer and the object, they articulate critically and humorously what has become manifest in the realities of the art world.


Critique of Judgement

"there is no longer any possible critical judgement, and only an amiable necessarily genial sharing of nullity."

The Conspiracy of Art, Jean Baudrillard

Eldon Garnet's The Critique of Judgement is a series of 21 texts excerpted, edited and rewritten from the German philosopher Immanuel Kant's seminal work Critique of Judgement. In many cases Garnet has edited Kant's original investigations into aesthetic judgement, crossing out and often providing a new text. Often humorous, always critical, Garnet's edited and rewritten texts are a current reinterpretation of Kant's historical analysis of aesthetics. These texts are in search of an aesthetic position, timely relevant in light of the current state of art's inflated, excessive and permissive aesthetic liberalism.


Like So Many Of My Generation

LIKE SO MANY OF MY GENERATION is a series of 15 text works which deal with the conditions of a particular generation, but not limited to the "baby boomers." Each text work deals with the conditions of life where the individual is FAULTERING FROM ONE NARRATIVE TO THE NEXT from a position of PROUDLY INSINCERE understanding that HELL MATTERS and the individual SLOWLY SURELY DISAPPEARS.


Eldon Garnet has exhibited throughout Europe, the United States and Canada. He currently lives and works in Toronto. Notable exhibitions include a mid-career survey at the National Gallery of Canada and survey exhibitions at the Amsterdams Centrum voor Fotografie and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto.