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Exhibition -

Martynka Wawrzyniak - Smell Me

Martynka Wawrzyniak - Smell Me

Exhibition overview:

24 May - 28 Jun 2014

TORCH gallery

Working with a research team of Hunter College Chemistry students under the guidance of professor Donna McGregor, Martynka Wawyzyniak (b. 1979, Poland)underwent multiple experiments to collect aromatic elements from her body. She was subject to rigorous sessions to extract the concentrated essence of her sweat, tears and hair to create an olfactory-based self-portrait that will engage visitors in a visceral form of communication without
visuality as primary form.


In order to fully immerse the installation space with the scent of her bodily aromas, Wawrzyniak collaborated with the reknowned professional perfumer Yann Vasnier of Givaudan and scent director Dawn Goldworm of 12.29 on synthetically reconstituting the organic essences for diffusion. These aromas will be released inside a specially-designed scent chamber into which visitors will enter to partake in a solitary experience. A limited edition of the original organic essences will be displayed in a tear-shaped chemistry vial as well as three candles that are made of paraffin that was scraped off Wawrzyniak's body then melted into 250 ml chemistry beakers.


This exhibition was first shown at Envoy Enterprises in New York and will now travel to Amsterdam. The exhibition will be on view at TORCH until Saturday the 28th of June. Afterwards the exhibition will travel on to the monumental Felix Meritis Building in Amsterdam, where it will be presented by FRAME publishers. The exhibition at TORCH coincides with a special publication of the artist’s work in Harper’s Bazaar magazine and will be part of Off-Grid, the bi-annual international photography festival.


Martynka Wawyzyniak (b. 1979, Poland) is a mixed-media artist who has worked with photography, video, performance and installations. her solo exhibitions include 'Smell Me' 2012, at Envoy Enterprises in New York, ‘Kids' and ‘Ketchup' (2009) at envoy enterprises, New York. Recent group projects include ‘Chocolate' (2012) at Jousse Enterprise Gallery, Paris; ‘FG.Ft' (2012) at envoy enterprises, New York; ‘Mob', 2011 at Bullet Space, New York; ‘Commercial Break' (2011), presented at The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture at the 54th Venice Biennale, Italy; ‘4 Sale' (2011), at Galeria Ego, Poland.