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Exhibition -

Various Artists - Summer Exhibition

Various Artists - Summer Exhibition

Exhibition overview:

16 Jul - 13 Aug 2011

TORCH gallery

Featuring works by: Popel Coumou | Line Gulsett | Thijs zweers

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This summer TORCH presents young talent. Works by Line Gulsett (1981, Tønsberg, Norway), Popel Coumou (1978, Velsen, The Netherlands) and Thijs Zweers (1986, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands will be on show in a group exhibition. The Summer Exhibition will have it's festive opening on Saturday the 16th of July, between 5 and 7 pm at the Lauriergracht in Amsterdam. After this the works will be on show until the 13th of August.


Each of the artists works in a discipline of his or her own. Thijs Zweer creates graphite drawings of the digital world, Line Gulsett paints movement in oil on canvas and Popel Coumou takes analogue photographs of serene collages. Together they present a taste of chat is to come for TORCH gallery after it's takeover by the young gallerist Mo van der Have.


Popel Coumou

Is the first new artist to be represented by TORCH after its new directorship. After a successful exhibition of her work in the past year now new works will be presented during the Summer Exhibition.

Popel creates her pieces through a very remarkable (and laborious) process in which she creates a collage from different fragments of photographs and other materials, then lights and stages this collage to finally take an analogue photograph of it.

The resulting images always show their two-dimensional construction but nevertheless do not break the illusion of space. By using an old photo-camera she provides these imaginary spaces with a distinct nostalgic feel. One feels to have visited these places, or at least to have seen them somewhere else.

By now her work is part of several key photography collections throughout the Netherlands such as those of the Gemeente Museum Den Haag, FOAM and Huis Marseille. Simultaneously with her presentation at the Summer Exhibition for TORCH her work will be exhibited at Aando Fine Art Berlin and Seelevel photo gallery in Amsterdam.


Line Gulsett

Has just finished her study at the painting department of the art academy KABK in the Hague. In her paintings she displays an extraordinary approach to representing movement in pure paint.

She lets the oil gush and wipe in the direction of the movement.

This results in pieces that capture very dynamic moments in a vacuum of time.

She doesn't try to translate observed movements to canvas, but rather makes a descriptive study of imagined scenes. Her works are rich in contrast, both in palette and the represented objects and figures.

Line Gulsett paints undefinable spaces in which short skirted girls prance between roadsigns and running dogs. From an unsettling atmosphere she creates a surprisingly aesthetic image through her expert use of the material. Fast flicks of paint and breezily painted figures set themselves off against pressing, sober backgrounds.

Image: Line Gulsett, Cheap Pink, 2010, oil on canvas, 200 x 150 cm

Thijs Zweers

Graduated from the Artez art academy (Arnhem, The Netherlands) in 2010. Since then he has focused himself on a very peculiar translation of digital imagery to detailed graphite drawings. This almost anachronistic act brings about intriguing images of a reality that Zweers finds to be autonomous. While the digital world is a product of mankind, the individual now has little to no influence on its workings. He or she is subject to the laws and outward appearance of this alternate reality. The graphite drawings themselves look like elaborate studies by an internet-biologist. Supposing that everything put online stays online - and that everything online is connected to everything - one can see the digital world as an autonomous biotope. A domain in which a continual dialectic process creates a whole the individual 'user' only catches glimpses of. Zweers' impressions of these weightless images historicize the digital world that is so difficult to catch in time.


The opening will be sponsored by Heineken