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Exhibition -

Line Gulsett - Toxic Trail

Line Gulsett - Toxic Trail

Exhibition overview:

Line Gulsett - Toxic Trail Line Gulsett - Toxic Trail Line Gulsett - Toxic Trail

29 Nov - 11 Jan 2014

TORCH gallery

Opening: Friday the 29th of November, 5-7pm, during the Amsterdam Art Weekend

Public Interview: Sunday the 1st of December, from 14:00



On Friday the 29th of November TORCH gallery proudly opens with Toxic Trail, the first solo-exhibition by Norwegian artist Line Gulsett. This opening is part of the city-spanning event 'The Amsterdam Art Weekend' and will be followed by a public interview between the artist and the renowned critic Alexander Mayhew on Sunday the first of December. After these events the exhibition will be open until Saturday the 11th of January. 




Toxic Trail is a reference to both pollution and a perilous path. One could say that Gulsett's method of combining the figurative and the abstract on one canvas is a dangerous path itself. Especially when none of her pieces seem to offer a satisfying answer to the questions of either representation of reality, or the loss thereof. But the title primarily refers to a bigger threat than that of a representational artistic practice. Toxic Trail is an investigation into the erosion of social cohesion. Gulsett feels that from childhood on human contact gradually diminishes, inherently damaged by the comfortable distances of modern communication.


This entropic process is generated by illusions of closeness already described by Marcel Proust in relation tot the rise of the telephone. The late nineteenth century seems to be the birthplace of a fundamental disconnect, described by many but stopped by none. The figures in Proust's novels are amazed by being able to order from shops without leaving the door, now we can live most of our adult lives without ever having to speak with anyone.


Gulsett's work is a poetic investigation of this process. She is interested in spontaneously arising forms of contact during childhood. Free from most processes of discrimination and with a unparallelled devotion to play, children are more inclined to exist in the physical presence of real danger. Danger, be it social or physical, can be the fuel for vivid memories. Memories in Gulsett's work are not static representations of past happenings but rather represent a constant dynamic of collective emotions. In fleeting motions and with expressive brushstrokes she captures this dynamic in all of its grim beauty. Her pieces describe possible collective memories. Through these suggestions she hopes to show what is lost during this period of disconnect in the West.


Line Gulsett (1981, Tønsberg, Norway), graduated from the KABK in the Hague in 2011. Since then she has been represented by TORCH gallery and her work has been presented on art fairs worldwide. From 2012 on she has also been exhibiting with gallery Camera Oscura in Madrid, Spain. This year she had her first institutional presentation with a solo-exhibition at Kunstverein Heppenheim, Germany.


image:Line Gulsett, Negasjon, 2013, oil on canvas, 200 X 150 cm