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Exhibition -

Philip Akkerman - Weltauge

Philip Akkerman - Weltauge

Exhibition overview:

07 Sep - 19 Oct 2013

TORCH gallery


'Das ewige Weltauge' describes a concept introduced by German philosopher ArthurSchopenhauer. All living creatures view the world from their own eyes. Individuals are born and individuals pass away, but what remains is an ever seeing eye. Without this eye darkness rules. The eyes of an earthworm are different from those of a human. Consequently, an earthworm sees a different world than the one humans see. The functioning of our eye determines the way we view the world. The truthful appearance of the tangible world is unknown to all. 


Philip Akkerman (1957) has devoted himself to the study of painting and of the inner and outer appearances of human kind. For this study he has developed a slightly monomaniacal method; he only paints self-portraits. In the thousands of portraits he has created so far his own image is distorted, abstracted, sketched and approached from any possible viewpoint. He travels through art history from a bird's eye perspective and by doing so encircles the human psyche. Schopenhauer's concept of the World-eye touches on the base of Akkerman's philosophy; all people are alike but they never see the same.

Philip Akkerman was asked by TORCH to organize an exhibition using an essence of his own work as a starting point. Akkerman chose the theme of the eye. His (and perhaps all) self portraits are characterized by a glaring eye. For the exhibition he accumulated a selection of paintings, posters and various objects concerning the eye. Many of the objects gathered come from the artist's own home. In addition to paintings and drawings by Philip Akkerman the exhibition will include pieces by: Dennis Koot, Houcine Bouchiba, Frans Franciscus, Zeloot, Marcus van Soest,Marianne Fontein, Max Goslings, Roel van der Linden, Willy Jolly, Vincent Rijnbende, Chris Dagradi, LisaCouwenbergh, Manuel Ocampo, Enrico Baj, Anthony Ikwene, Ton of Holland, Bart Baele, Armen Eloyan, Mariëtte Mulder, Joanna Clark and many others.