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Exhibition -

Merel van Beukering - Wonder

Merel van Beukering - Wonder

Exhibition overview:

25 May - 06 Jul 2013

TORCH gallery

Merel van Beukering at TORCH gallery Amsterdam

Exhibition dates: 25/05/2013 - 06/07/2013


On Saturday the 25th of May two separate solo-exhibitions will open at TORCH gallery Amsterdam; Wonder by Merel van Beukering and My Reprocess by Thijs Zweers. These two young Dutch talents will present a selection of their recent works. Zweers creates very detailed graphite drawings which play a role in his ongoing research into the structuring of information on the internet. Van Beukering has developed a very distinct style of capturing the textures and alienating qualities of everyday objects and situations. After the festive opening these exhibitions will be open for visitors until Saturday the 6th of July.


Merel van Beukering (1984) - Wonder

At the moment Merel van Beukering is finishing her education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Surprisingly, her photographs already show a clearly recognizable and mature artistic signature. This is why TORCH wants to give her the opportunity to present her very first solo-exhibition in a gallery setting. In Wonder she will exhibit a selection of her recent autonomous work. These pieces are characterized by a outspoken style which often contrasts clear lines and linear compositions with everyday objects and occurrences. Without shying away from romantic thoughts and clever trickery she has been able to construct a refreshing, contemporary language of images.


As often is the case with students of Art Academies van Beukering's photography is still unstable, seeking for whatever fits within the process of becoming a photographic artist. Although her style already seems very mature her oeuvre clearly shows an artist rapidly discovering the richness of her chosen medium. Her chosen subjects variate between the still-life, architectural- and staged photography. But whatever the genre, van Beukering is able to present it within her own vision. Remarkably, she doesn't use extensive digital editing techniques to create her photographs. She consciously and cleverly plays with chance and control to create unexpected images.