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- Justin McAllister

Born 1979, Buffalo, NY

Justin McAllisters photorealistic paintings are as surreal as witnessing an aurora. We see nature in a palette not completely familiar to us, but not so unfamiliar as to be unrecognizable. He depicts the world in a state of turmoil, at the onset of a new ice age. What we see is the remnants of humanity, battling oncoming glaciers and holding on to the last shreds of civilization. The climate shift changes the land into a predator and forces man to adapt to a very existential lifestyle. The threats of nature are so intense that boundaries of gender and comfort are forcibly broken by a feeling of overwhelming awe.

Scenes of burning furniture set in the middle of a barren wasteland signify humanity's surrender, but can also be seen as a testament for the defiance of defeat. This combination of triumph and surrender has become the signature of McAllisters subject. His style he attributes to a combination of classical painting, hudson river school painting and northern European landsape painting. He combines this with modern influences like contemporary disaster films and photoblogging to achieve a painterly technique that is both epic and palpable.

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Northern Lights IV (Mining Town)  
Enlarge Northern Lights IV (Mining Town) More info about Justin McAllister  

Northern Lights IV (Mining Town)


oil on canvas over panel

61 x 50.8 cm

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Northern Lights IV (Mining Town)

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