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- Kahn & Selesnick

Kahn & Selesnick use the outward features and context of history to create elaborate metaphors for contemporary issues. They weave a web of historic facts, half-thruths and complete fantasy that leaves the viewer wondering in the overlap between thruth and fiction. They rewrite the lost pages of history into fantastic tales and provide proof of these fables with artifacts of their own device. By doing so they both question the objectivity of our historic knowledge and reaffirm that the way we interpret this history is very much defined by our current situation.


Their panoramic prints focus on the great happenings in their constructed worlds. The artifacts show us the remains of everyday life there. Combined they mimic the often evocative displayal of history as seen in museums all over the world.

Ranging from native currency, fashion and postcards to birds and food items, Kahn & Selesnick try to give their story emphasis from every possible angle.


These stories often take place in fantastical locations and are filled with great adventure. Using that what is tought to be known about history as an assuring context that allows for a temporary suspension of disbelief. This suspension is not is not achieved by mere visual foolery, the viewer is constantly aware that he or she is being tricked. It is exactly this awareness that strengthens their ideas about the subjectivity of the historic image. 


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Currency birds  
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Currency birds


Archival digital print

25 x 183 cm

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Currency birds

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installation shot 2

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