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- Loretta Lux

Born 1969, Dresden, Germany,


Loretta Lux's works seem to emit a vague but tangible distance between the audience and the often self-aware subjects of her portraits. Not signifying a certain time nor space, the photographs do suggest a kind of narrative. This intented ambiguousness is enhanced by the pale complexions of the children and their simple backgrounds. She portrays them like in a daydream, awkward, unengaged and very remote. For Mrs. Lux these qualities make children the perfect models for her work.


After taking their photograph Mrs. Lux starts digitally enhancing these children to enchanting images that reveal her admiration of the renaissance masters. Trained as painter she uses digitall imaging software as her personal palette. Not unlike the old masters, she keeps her techniques close to herself.

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Sasha and Ruby 1  
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Sasha and Ruby 1


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Sasha and Ruby 1

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