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- Martin Denker

Born 1976, Hamburg


The works of Martin Denker try to shed a positive light on the overwhelming information rollercoaster we all involuntarily take a ride on. As an artist he places himself in a world that moves so fast that images quickly lose meaning and only the most iconic remain in our memory. He challenges our perception by creating pictoral spaces constructed from a seemingly endless amount of layers. In these layers we feel the need for comprehension, we try to understand what the work is hesitantly communicating to us.


In a way this almost excruciating proces of looking for what is hidden in the picture is comparable to the way many of us try to understand and communicate with a fast paced and nearly abstract world. Still, Denkers' work does not show despair. Rather he views the so called age of communication as a intensely neurological experience. In his view the abstraction of images and their meaning will lead to a better understanding of our minds. This should lead to a second enlightenment and give us the new philosophies we are in dire need of today.


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Medicine Square Garden (Paris Hilton Syndrom)  
Enlarge Medicine Square Garden (Paris Hilton Syndrom) More info about Martin Denker  

Medicine Square Garden (Paris Hilton Syndrom)


Framed c-print on diasec

103x151 cm

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Medicine Square Garden (Paris Hilton Syndrom)



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