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- Rowena Dring

Born 1970, Wellingborough, England,


Being inspired by paint-by-numbers may seem a bit lowbrow for high art. But it didn't stop Andy Warhol and doesnt stop Rowena Dring in being so. Cleverly combining textile craftmanship with painting and photography, Dring succeeds in finding a midway between decoration, figuration and abstraction. She works from photographs taken during her travels, often finding the same subjects as the impressionists did. It is no wonder all of her works look like paintings on first sight, the composition and colour schemes all have a very painterly feel to them. Only when taking a closer look do the black stitches become visible, instantly transforming what is thought to be a figurative landscape into a colourful quilt. Like Seurat, Dring uses the way our brain tries to make sense of the things we see to achieve this powerfull effect.


Not only are these works comments on the practice of figurative painting, they also try to elevate the stature of textile based works. In the west crafts like weaving, tapestry and quilting have always been inferior to painting. By letting her subjects be time proven clichés she forces the attention to the structure and material of the works. Representation is, like paint by numbers, only secondary to the process of creation in the works of Rowena Dring.


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Oasis of Mara no.1  
Enlarge Oasis of Mara no.1 More info about Rowena Dring  

Oasis of Mara no.1


Stitched fabric over canvas

225 x 165 cm

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Oasis of Mara no.1

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