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- Simon Henwood

Born 1956, England


Simon Henwood is a creative omnivore. He produces animations, music videos, books and other artworks in a plethora of mediums. Already during his education at the exeter academy of arts he wanted to exceed his curriculum, he came for their excelent courses in life painting and left with a degree in animation, painting and illustration. At first he focused on the illustration of childrens books, but soon he took the theme of childhood to the canvas. Seeing youth as a key transitional period in a persons life, his large scale gouaches of children seem like intimate visits into their developing minds. Often Henwood returns to the same models, he is interested in the way children can be recognizable but jet very different every time he visits them.


These themes of recognition and development seem to follow him troughout his career. He depicts actors we know but have forgotten, musicians known to everyone filtered through the perspective of the artist and adolescents on the brink of adulthood. We see people in touch with, insecure about and losing touch with their sexuality. After a lifetime of studying the human body and the psychology of its poses, Henwood is able to show exactly wich stage of his or her life his subject seems to be in.


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Cricklewood - Untitled  
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Cricklewood - Untitled


oil on canvas

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Cricklewood - Untitled