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- Stepanek Maslin

Our relation with nature is often so skewed that we only seem to imagine it through the forms of its representation. A horizon for instance,  seems to be a much needed visual anchorpoint for our memory of the landscape to recognize it as such. The imagery of nature has idealised its forms to such an extend, that while it is reverred, at the same time it is neglected. Alice Stepanek and Steve Maslin paint scenes of combined elements of nature and present them from a severely unbalanced perspective. By doing so these scenes loosen our set patterns of recognition associated with nature and challenge us to reconnect the unhinged, segmented fragments of scenery.


The constructed displays of nature by Stepanek & Maslin are generally devoid of persons or signifiers of time. Movement is presented, but with an uncertainty about the source of this motion:is it the landscape or the perspective? This vista is always chaotic and never clearly human.  An intense focus on a flying branch contained in mid-air seems to split the landscape into unconnected parts. Combined with a visual absense of human activity these paintings leave an impression of an restless uninhabited world, perhaps one where humanity has left. Stepanek and Maslin distort our postcard view of the natural world and bring us back to earth.


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Untitled 7-07


Oil on canvas

30 x 55 cm

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