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- Terry Rodgers

Born 1947, Newark, USA


Terry Rodgers has acquired considerable fame as the creator of large-scale cinematic paintings that compel the viewer to participate in a disenchanted world where beauty, sex and money do not seem to bring happiness. They evoke the confusing energy, decadence, desire, loneliness and promise of an age. He portrays a contemporary search for a meaningful life as a perpetual existential hangover.


Rodgers makes clear that this 21st century jet-set notion of success is but a metaphor. It is the various modes of language and perception of every era or culture that are the inevitable roots of illusion, and often disenchantment. Rodgers' works underline the complexity of human relations in contemporary society, with all its contradictions and mediated influences.


On a more abstract level, his works concern his fascination with the dialectic coalescence of contradictory impulses in a subjective perspective.


The photo-constructions can be seen as an elaboration of certain aspects of his paintings. In these works, Rodgers dissects and re-integrates various familiar modes of representation, and when presented as triptychs, both utilizes and subverts their religious implications. The lightboxes form a standalone body of work and appeal to altogether different aesthetics and visual dynamics than the paintings. Still, all the pieces display Rodgers' very distinct artistic signature.


Rodgers' video work compels the viewer to feel both their own isolation and their own uncertainty in a pseudo-real proximity. The mixed media works further reveal how illusionary each medium is, and how much any language is a purely, if carelessly, designed human construction rather than a reflection of some certain reality.


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The Blue Room  
Enlarge The Blue Room More info about Terry Rodgers  

The Blue Room


oil on linen

168 x 244 cm

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