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- Twan Janssen

Born 1968, Milsbeek, The Netherlands


Twan Janssen is probably the only contemporary artist in existence who knows exactly what the course of his career will be. Not because of some kind of prophetic vision, or a unstoppable drive to achieve, but just because he planned it that way. Twan Janssen presents himself as an actor who plays the role of an artist. His artworks are mere props for the part that he plays, and his expositions are part of the script. In this way Janssen is able to plan and create his own future. If a gallery or museum happens to disagree with his plans, he just recreates the stage somewhere else. This approach is so alienating for the public and art institutions that through all the confusion one cannot help but question the art world. If the artist is an actor, and his works are props, in what way should the public view and value them?


His 'props' accentuate this confusion. Acrylic paint is used as material for sculptures, installations and elaborate pranks, but never for actual painting. Other props take on the form of an ornate present, a canvas wrapped with ribbons, presenting art as the commodity it often is. Although this sounds like a mockery of the artworld, it also celebrates it. Twan janssen takes Adorno's 'art for art's sake' literally, and brings to light the freedom art can bring.


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Untitled, 2007  
Enlarge Untitled, 2007 More info about Twan Janssen  

Untitled, 2007


Acrylic paint

diameter 12 cm

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