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- Ulf Puder

Ulf Puder is one of the famous graduates of the Leipziger schule für Graphik und Buchkunst. Along with peers like Neo Rauch he is well known for his melancholy architectural representations. Devoid of life, his paintings hold a middle ground between abstraction and realism, between the past and the future. Bungalows transform into colorful geometrical shapes halfway their construction and bridges are blocked by distorted cubes.This unhinged world is usually painted in a distinctive palette of pastels and subdued colours, although their are splashes of vibrant neon colours in his more recent works. Familiar structures seem to fall apart into a surreal void of unfamiliar forms.


This collapse of representation is also present in his technique, a skillfully painted surface can be reduced to a single brushstroke within a few inches of the same canvas. His imagined buildings have a retrofuturistic feel, they look like an deconstructed version of the imagined future of the 50's and 60's. A caravan in ulf puders world is both two and three dimensional, constructed and deconstructed, present and imagined.


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oil on canvas

140 x 120 cm

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